After recently selling shares of my previous business I'm dedicated to investing in a new business.


  • Auburn/Fort Wayne, Indiana, and the surrounding Tri-state area

  • Manufacturing or Manufacturing related business

  • Stable sales trend for 3 years

  • Stable net profit trend for 3 years

  • Sole ownership, working partner, or investor

  • Preference for repeat sales

  • Potential for industry roll-up

About me

Being in business as an owner, partner or investor means being ready to jump in at any given moment. Those around me understand this and appreciate the commitment I have to business. Loyalty and trust are two pillars that are key to long-standing relationships. I commit fully and wholly be it in personal or professional relationships.When I am not working or spending time with my family, I love going to antique car shows. It amazes me that these vehicles were designed on paper, compared to the design tools available today, and they still operate many decades later. I love talking with the owners and hearing about their challenges, successes, and all that goes into caring for their beloved machines. Part of my curiosity about these old cars is embedded in my long-standing career working in manufacturing.

Advisory Team

I have confidence in the team I have ready to help me evaluate your business. They're known to facilitate win-win deals with exiting owners and incoming buyers. By working with your advisors, they will guide us to a fair deal.

I would love to talk with you

Call me, Greg Hostetler, direct at 260-333-5183.
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